ANY TrainingPeaks Plan FREE for Members

Smart MTB Training members get access to any TrainingPeaks Plan fully integrated with Zwift or TrainerRoad for FREE

Never tried TrainingPeaks? No worries! These are the exact same training plans you already have access to as a member, however we are now offering this option for those who have used TrainingPeaks in the past and prefer it over the TrainingTilt software that Smart MTB Training is set up for.

What is the difference? TrainingPeaks offers automatic integration of your Smart Trainer workouts and Garmin (and other) workout files. Yes, you can already do this with TrainingTilt, but TrainingPeaks is more automatic.

It's still easy. Smart MTB Training already syncs with Strava, and so does TrainingPeaks. But TrainingPeaks also automatically syncs with Garmin or other devices, which also sync to Strava. This means you can can every completed workout in all places, and nothing will be lost :)

How does it work? Place the order, let us know which plan you want during the order or notify by email (LINK TO PLANS), and we will send you a 100% discount code. Easy.


Make sure you are signed in so that when you fill out the order it does not ask for any payment. If there are any questions, just reach out to:

US Dollar