My name is Matt Miller and I love mountain biking!

I grew up riding and racing, and spent more than 10 years racing at the Elite level.

Through those years, I made a LOT of mistakes in training and pacing and general preparation, so I studied Exercise Science through the PhD level to learn how the body works. I then taught this subject matter at a NZ University for 5 years to dial it all in. 

With my own racing and academic experience, I started coaching in 2012 and absolutely loved it!

But there was always so much more I wanted to give!

Traditional one-on-one coaching meant I could only ever reach a limited number of athletes to give them the time they deserve.

That's why I founded Smart MTB Training in 2019. 

I can finally give you access to everything I have ever done. Smart MTB Training combines all the best parts of coaching, training plans and training software all in one place.

From training plans for every rider and individual workouts my athletes have used at the highest level, to the latest tips and tricks-- Smart MTB Training has it all!