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New to Training

Maybe you've never trained before? Maybe you're new to MTB altogether? 

Get proven workouts and structure, avoid all the pitfalls and go from there.

New to Racing

Been riding for a while and want to try racing? You race XC or Enduro and want to stop guessing? 

Get faster without wasting your time.


You ride or you race but you don't want a coach. 

You want to get out of your comfort zone to get faster and have more fun.

12 Week Full Fitness Plan

The crux of Smart MTB Training! Members get the most popular plan on mobile and can download it all.

Every Training Plan 

It doesn't have to end after 12 weeks! Whatever your goal or experience, click & apply any & every plan.

100+ Workouts 

These workouts have been tested by pros and amateurs in the real world. Drag and drop into your own calendar.

117 Happy Riders

From the EWS and XC Worlds to your local trails, we have smiles everywhere :)

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Smart MTB Training

Save money and get faster - it's what this is all about.

Member Discounts

Members get 25% off Custom Plans and Consultations

25% OFF

You can get a 6 week plan fully customized for YOU!

Dr Matt will review your past training and create something custom just for you

25% OFF

This is for when you just want someone to have a look.

Schedule time to talk with Dr Matt to discuss anything about training and racing


"It's awesome to finally be able to give you everything I have! I've been riding and racing my whole life and have worked with top pros and new riders for more than 10 years. With this new Smart MTB Training platform I can help you and you and YOU!"

-Dr Matt Miller, Founder, Inventor and Coach